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Welcome to KnowledgeBeast – I am Ajay Varma, a software engineer. I have completed my graduation in computer science and currently working as a Sr. Software developer.

The Story begins… – About Us

There is a very interesting story behind the idea of creating this platform. To be very honest, I started this platform to build a second source of income. But now things are different.

I love watching YouTube, one day I searched for a keyword, something like “how to earn money online?” After some research around the same topic, I got this way to earn money online i.e. Blogging.

Then I quickly registered a domain naming https://knowledgebeast.in/… After some period I realized that this is a very tough way to earn money online, as this needs a lot of patience and hard work. And the most important thing, that is necessary for blogging is helping, guiding and educating the audience like you.

From that moment, I decided to solely help the population to learn something new daily.

Now, I am overlooking the money that I am spending on my platform to help you. I just want to serve you with my best efforts.

Yes, If I will continue to invest money to nourish the population’s knowledge with the latest articles on different topics, I will get my bounties back soon, No doubt!

I am constantly working on KnowledgeBeast, if you are a regular visitor then you might know about what we have improved yet.

This is all about us and the honest history of KnowledgeBeast. Let’s start a journey towards learning new things daily, to enhance knowledge. Always leave your reactions and write suggestions in our comment box. Guide us, how we can help more people like you.

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