How To Watch Free Netflix 2021, No login Needed

How To Watch Free Netflix 2021, No login Needed
How To Watch Free Netflix 2021, No login Needed

Do you like watching shows on OTT platforms like Netflix? Are you one who love binge-watching shows but do not like ads? Well, most probably Netflix is the platform that you use. But to be straightforward, when it comes to spending money for its subscription, it is pretty high. Paying 500 rupees per month just to enjoy movies, sounds bad, right! Well in this post we are going to tell you how to watch free Netflix. Hurrah!!

How To Watch Free Netflix

When someone talks about some of the Best OTT platforms, there are a few of them in the race. And most probably you know about each of them. The first at the top of the list is probably Netflix. After that, it comes down to services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. But the most expensive and most popular one is Netflix. Here below we have introduced a few methods that you can practice to Watch Free Netflix. So, let’s dive right into it.

Watch Free Netflix Using Mod APK

This is probably one of the most reliable methods in your case to watch free Netflix without spending money on any subscription fee. You just have to download and install the application and you are good to go. The good point is that there is no need to log in to the app. You can start enjoying it right after installing an app. Well, to download, just search Netflix MOD APK on google and download the application from any relevant website.

Using Torrent

This is another popular method that you can use to watch free Netflix shows and without investing in subscription fees. In this method, you have to visit a few torrent sites. Some of them are- the pirate bay, Tamil rockers etc. After visiting these Torrent sites just search for any tv show or movie that you wish to enjoy. But always remember that the use of torrent to watch Netflix shows and programs is a bit harmful. So, it is recommended not to forget to use a VPN before visiting these sites.

Using Telegram 

This is apparently one of the most helpful ways if you wish to watch Netflix shows for free without worrying about any security threats. In this method, install the Telegram application and you can join a few related channels to your list that uploads tv shows and movies. You can easily find many channels on Telegram just by searching for related keywords like Netflix for free, Free movies, and tv shows.

Using a one-month free trial

This is the most convenient method to watch free Netflix. And you do not have to spend any money on using it for the first time. In this method, you just have to sign up on Netflix from any account. After that, you can opt for your free trial on Netflix — one month free trial. But after one month you will have to pay huge money to keep using the App.

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