Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives – For Free Storage

Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives - For Free Storage
Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives - For Free Storage

One can do anything for free services. Most of us were using Google Photos free & unlimited photo storage until now. Now, things are different, Google Photos free and unlimited photo storage is gone. All free offerings have ended. It is the time to manages all stuff in the 15GB allocated free quota only, which also stores your Gmail data and other files. It’s obvious that this 15GB storage will fill up more speedily and Google will suggest you to purchase its Google One storage plans. If you are a free service lover, like me or you do not want to opt for paid storage plans, here are some Google Photos alternatives that also offer free storage for your pictures and videos.

Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives – Free storage for your pictures and videos

The other cloud storage services that offer storage plans aren’t entirely free either. But you can sign-up & create a free account on them in orders to use the free storage that they are offering to everyone. You can use that for backing up your photos online. Here are the Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives!

Amazon Photos
Amazon Photos

1. Amazon Photos – #1 Google Photos Alternative

Amazon Photos grants unlimited photos storage to Prime members. These members are eligible to upload unlimited photos, in original quality. On the other side, Non-Prime Members can enjoy free storage of 5 GB for uploading photos and videos. With Amazon Prime membership you will get lots of benefits, it starts at Rs. 999 per-year. To recall, Prime membership offers other benefits like Prime Video, free shipping, Amazon Music, etc.

Note: With Amazon Prime, You only get unlimited photo storage, not unlimited video storage, it grants only 5GB for videos.

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Amazon Photos Features:

  • Auto-saves photos and creates a backup on cloud storage thus frees up space.
  • Backs up securely with Amazon Web Services.
  • Easy to share photos and albums via SMS, mail, and other apps.
  • 5GB of free storage for Non-Primes.

Plan Costs: Amazon Photos is free in some countries for only Amazon Prime members. And a non-prime user can use the photos service by spending $1.99 (Rs 150 approx.) per month for 100GB.

Microsoft OneDrive - Google Photos Alternative
Microsoft OneDrive – Google Photos Alternative

2. Microsoft One Drive – #2 Google Photos Alternative

It can be the best replacement for Google Photos, all because of its services. OneDrive also offers 5GB free storage. But it is more useful as Microsoft gives users access to upload any type of file in their cloud storage.

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Microsoft One Drive Features:

  • Browse all your OneDrive files plus shared files in one place.
  • Auto-saves your files and creates a backup on cloud storage.
  • It offers a gallery view for photos.
  • You can search for your files and folders.
  • 5GB of free storage

Plan Costs: Microsoft OneDrive Plans starts at Rs 140. For 100GB storage, you have to pay Rs 140. And you can go up to Rs 619 per month for 6TB storage, it costs Rs 6,199 per year.

Apple photos
Apple photos

3. Apple Photos (iCloud) – #3 Google Photos Alternative

If you are an iPhone user, use Apple Photos, because it is the best Google Photos alternative for you. The service gives 5GB of free storage. The best part is it offers seamless integration across its ecosystem. Moreover, Apple Photos offers powerful AI features and some astonishing editing tools.  But sorry android users it does not work with Android.

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Apple Photos Features:

  • Seamless integration across its ecosystem
  • 5GB of free storage
  • Astonishing editing tools
  • Powerful AI features

Plan Cost: iCloud plans go up to Rs 749 for 2TB storage, but I think for most of us Plan of Rs 75 for 50GB is sufficient. IN order to use other services as well, you can go for Apple One that costs Rs 195 per month for 50GB of iCloud storage.

Flickr - Google Photos Alternative
Flickr – Google Photos Alternative

4. Flickr – #4 Google Photos Alternative

Flickr is another best-known alternative that you should try if you find Google’s “2TB plan” expensive. At much less cost, you can enjoy true unlimited photo storage with Flickr. Moreover, where Google’s unlimited photo storage only stores pictures of up to 16MP, Flickr stores them at their full resolution.

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Flickr Features:

  • Offers private as well public galleries and groups.
  • You can comment on others’ photos.
  • You can share others’ photos.
  • It offers a simple organization of photos.
  • On Flickr, you can also edit photos, crop them, add filters and much more!

Plans Cost: Flickr’s monthly Photo storage plan starts at Rs 580 approx ( $7.99 ) and the annual plan costs Rs 5,200 approx ( $71.88 ) and offers unlimited photo storage. Flickr also offers reductions or rebates on photo software including 2 months free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.


5. Dropbox – #5 Google Photos Alternative

It is another cloud storage that offers 2GB of free storage to all plus there are paid storage plans also.

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Dropbox Features: 

  • It automatically uploads videos and photos in the background.
  • You can preview different types of files without any software.
  • You can access files in your account even offline.
  • It also offers easy photo and video sharing.
  • You can send large files by copying a link and sharing that link with anyone even if he/she don’t use Dropbox.

Plans Cost: The storage plan starts at Rs 730 approx ( $9.99 ).

This is the list of Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives – For Free Storage, you can try them, if you do not want to run out of your Google Drive storage and purchase Google One plans. Tell us in the comments what are you planning to manage all your memories after the end of Google Photos’ Unlimited photo storage.

For more such tips and content, stay tuned!

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