What is Yellow Fungus Infection?

What is Yellow Fungus Infection?
What is Yellow Fungus Infection?

There’s been a furious rise in the number of fungal infections reported amongst the public, primarily those who have recovered from COVID infection. Now, after white and black fungus cases of yellow fungus have been reported in India. What is Yellow Fungus? According to doctors, it is much scarier. Let’s understand something about Causes, symptoms, prevention, etc. Here’s how you can stay safe from Yellow Fungus?

One of the first cases of the Yellow Fungus infection has been initially detected in Ghaziabad, U.P.

According to reports, one of the first cases of yellow fungus infection has been identified in Ghaziabad, U.P. Doctors have hinted that a yellow fungus infection could be much more deadly than black and white fungus infection. It really requires attention from the very beginning, it can cause heavy internal damage.

Here are details on the same, and some of the ways you can safeguard yourself from the infection.

What is Yellow Fungus Infection?

Yellow fungus infection is another fungal infection that spreads via polluted environments or when a patient inhales moulds (myxomycetes) that grow in the environment.

What makes it different from black and white fungus is the manner its spreads and attacks the body organs. While black fungus infection starts off with facial disfiguration, the yellow fungus infection attacks the body’s internal organs and disturbs vital bodily processes.

Since the damage caused by this new fungus is said to be much more deadly and severe, doctors now warning everyone to start recognizing the fungal infections from day 1 and immediately seek help.

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How does this fungus spread? Is it contagious?

In general, all type of Fungal infections spread when a body inhales moulds (microscopic fungi), that are found in the atmosphere. Additionally, yellow fungus infections could also be spread via the presence of old contaminated food or high levels of humidity. However, unsanitary conditions and poor hygiene are the prime reasons for infection.

Do your body holds proper immunity? It is really important to have a strong immune system. Because fungal infections can primarily attack those living with compromised immunity.

Yellow fungus or all other fungal infections aren’t exactly contagious, since they cannot be spread from body to body like other respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. The risk of external spread has not been detected or investigated in detail as of yet.

Are you susceptible to the risks? Check it out

It has been evidently seen so far, that the yellow fungus infection risks continue to be aggravated for those bodies suffering from pre-existing problems like high cholesterol, uncontrolled diabetes, which actually cause inflammation and reduce the body’s capacity to fight off such fungal infections. If you are one who holds compromised immunity and frail health then try working on your immune system, make it strong, and stay safe.

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As seen among those in the middle of recovery or COVID-recovered cases, a rise in fungal infections has been reported amongst those who have been prescribed steroid use or put on prolonged oxygen support. The use of steroids has now come under investigation from leading medical specialists.

Secondly, It can also develop on the skin after the fungus infection enters the skin through a cut, burn, scrape or other types of skin trauma.

What did the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention Said?

CDC state that the danger of fungal infections are actually high for-

  1. Patients who have spent a long time period under ICU – intensive care units
  2. Patients have had an organ transplant recently
  3. People suffering from immune complications
  4. Patients who are dependent on steroid or extensive antibacterial use.
  5. A patient who Have kidney damage
  6. People having low WBCs counts
  7. Patients on dialysis.

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Yellow Fungus is more dangerous than White & Black Fungus

From what has been seen right now, one of the reasons why a yellow fungus infection acts out differently to white fungus or black fungus is the way it spreads. Since it spreads internally, it can cause heavy internal damage and hence, more ‘severe’ in nature.

For the same reason, people have been advised to seek treatment from the very beginning and prevent the case from becoming complicated.

Symptoms of the Yellow Fungus infection

As per available cases and studies, here we have some details for you.

  1. Disrupted digestion
  2. Slow metabolism
  3. Unexplained-unusual weight loss
  4. Pus leakage
  5. Loss of appetite, malnutrition
  6. Scrawny, sunken eyes
  7. Lack of energy, lethargy and fatigue
  8. Necrosis (in severe cases)
  9. Delayed healing of wounds
  10. Prolonging recovery timelines

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How can you protect yourself?

As the infection is newly detected, there is very little data about the disease. In such case, keep surfing the internet for more details, may you get some new guideline and best practices to stay safe from this deadly infection.

In short, keep learning about the symptoms of this new infection, so you can detect it by symptoms, in the early stages of infection. However, to defeat any infection, one of the best actions to take is to safeguard your health and to improve your immune system.

Compromised immunity helps yellow fungus and all its fungal mates (black and white fungus) to attack our health. People having a history of diabetes or currently suffering from uncontrolled diabetes should be doubly careful of maintaining their blood sugar levels under control.

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One reason for the spread of these dangerous moulds is unsanitary surroundings. That is why one must ensure proper disinfection of the environment around the patient, especially those who are battling COVID-19.

The corona patients on oxygen therapy should ensure that their oxygen is not contaminated (such as with unclean water) and well-filtered. Random usage of steroids including related medications should be reduced.

Additionally, doctors and specialists recommend, follow proper mask mandates, and maintain personal hygiene. Wearing clothes that do not expose your skin to probably infected surfaces may also go one step further to safeguard their health.

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