Why are Indian women beautiful and attractive?

Why are Indian women beautiful?
Why are Indian women beautiful?

Why are Indian women beautiful?… You must have heard about beautiful Indian women. They always remain a talk of the world. Many personalities around the world say, that they are the most beautiful in the world. And it concludes that they are indeed beautiful and naturally gifted.

Everybody knows Indian women have won various beauty pageants for example; Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra as Miss World, Susmita Sen as Miss Universe. In addition, Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen and numerous others from India are on the list of the world’s sexiest women. But the question is ‘Why are Indian women beautiful?’

India was colonised by foreign invaders and this is where the actual breeding of the “exotics” began. Indians are a mix of races and cultures. The average Indian could have Greek, Turkish, Mongol, Arab, Persian, French, Afghan, British, Portuguese, tribal, subcontinent’s original inhabitants, plus Central Asian heritage so genetic variation over the centuries gave Indians a unique race. Over the centuries, inter-racial intimacies resulted in the creation of a descendant giving the Indians the best of all races.

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Why Indian women are beautiful and attractive…

Here I have tried to focus on some special things that make an Indian woman beautiful and attractive.

Dark skin tones: An Indian lady normally has a natural tan giving them a charming skin colour.

Black hair: Indian gals have beautiful raven black hair.

Dark brown eyes: Indian women have attractive olive black eyes with a glow and spark in their eyes.

Petite: Indian ladies also tend to be a mixture of short and slim, which makes them attractive.

Shy: Indian gentlewoman are shy which can be a beautiful trait.

Behaviour: Indian ladies are generally very sweet, polite, friendly and accommodative that enhances their natural beauty.

Caring attitude: An Indian gentlewoman is devoted to their husbands, children and family which may appear as an attractive trait to some.

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Cultural awareness: Indian women are aware of their culture.

Divine beauty: Indian ladies are god gifted.

Exotic looks: There’s a mystical feel about Indian women.

The way they dress: The sari can make any women fascinating. They are traditional yet seductive.

Indian climate: The hot Indian climate makes every Indian Women look pretty.

Come to India and see for yourself…

Do you agree with all the points? – Why are they are Beautiful? Do you find them attractive? What do you think of Indian girls? Have you ever had a crush on an Indian girl?

Some beautiful Indian women Pictures:

Simplicity - Why are Indian women beautiful?
Simplicity – Why are Indian ladies beautiful?

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Beautiful Sari Look
Beautiful Sari Look
Purity - Why are Indian women beautiful?
Purity – Why are Indian women beautiful?

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Beautiful - Why are Indian women beautiful?
Beautiful – Why are Indian gals beautiful?
Beautiful and naturally gifted
Beautiful and naturally gifted

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